Behaviour girls?

How girls behave to a boy they don't like but he likes them

please tell


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  • If i really don't like him i'll ignore him. Friend zone is too much drama when you don't like the guy at all and you know he's into you

    • Thanks a lot this was helpful

      I would like to say though
      I am experiencing same behavior from a girl and I want to tell u
      If a boy likes u its fine for u to not like him (no pressure)
      But Please Don't ignore him completely sometimes talk to him
      He will feel good

      Thanks a lot

    • Yes that's the nice thing to do but that way he can't move on and he'll be stuck in the idea of someday we will end up together. Being a little bad could have good results.

    • Yes..
      That is true
      That's exactly what happened to me
      Since I had put up this question
      I have tried to move on
      And its been good since

      So thanks a lot
      U have been very helpful
      Thanks a lot

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What Girls Said 2

  • Friendzone or ignoring.

  • Avoid to the best of my ability and keep conversation short as possible when approached.

    • That's exactly the same behavior I have experienced

      Thank a lot for ur opinion it was helpful

      If its possible please talk a bit to him he will like it

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    • OK
      Thanks a lot

    • Really sorry I am taking a lot of ur time and thanks for giving me ur valuable time and opinion😊😊

      One last question though
      For now I have stopped trying to talk to her and things have been normal since there

      How would u suggest I should behave shall I do as I am doing right now or do u have any advice

      Again thanks a lot

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