Did I just found love in the club?

So a few days ago i went out clubbing and after what looked like to be the start of a very boring night (most clubs were closed for younger audiences) we finally found our way into a normal "bar".
Music was 50/50 and the club was mostly crowded with older people, so u know it felt a little weird :p

Anyways, making a long story short, i eventually managed to talk with a girl there who was eyein me the entire time.
We spent the whole night talking in the club, like we had so much mutual interests, behavior wise a little different but it balanced out.

We (or i) never went in for the kiss, the eyecontact tho was always very forceful and the fact that she still wanted to be with my when even her friends left the dancefloor says a lot in my opinion
So we went out eating (with some of mine and her friends, was like 5 in the morning) and i just felt the click you know.
We were sitting next to each other, knees touching, never afraid of physical contact like just having a very great time :p

So we had to separate our ways and exchanged social medias since we from a different country and only a few minutes later she already invited me back over to her to eat something (didnt do it since i was already home), and ever since we have been talking and she is also really keen on seein me again :p

in the club she called me this meany arrogant guy, she wasn't even afraid of punching my stomach lmao but we just coudnt stay away from each other

Even tho i feel like yes, do y'all think there is more chemistry between us than just on a club lvl (a night fling) or am i too hopeful and did i misread certain signs?

Sorry for the long ass text by the way


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  • That's just attraction. Mutual sympathy.

    Would it be love you'd know that. Like a nuclear explosion, everybody would notice that. It's when you go crazy and do such the things you've never done before. And never thought you could be able to.

    • i know what love is lmao, maybe it is attraction, maybe more
      its just weird how we both do want to meet up again very soon, like she was basically the first one to initiate it and then kept askin me questions about "what will u do today?" etc...

      i mean usually when u find someone in club, you keep them and the memories in the club

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    • Yeah cool, man, but some mummys are hot, so I used condoms lol =D

    • Relationship i mean then hahahah

  • It is possible <3

    • yes i know :p
      its just weird, how we were so caught up with talkin to each other, like everything i liked or have done life, she likes or does too :p

      and as said to user beneath, in my opinion usually after u go clubbing, you leave the "girl" and memories behind there, but were so keen on meeting each other again, like she asked me first even
      maybe its just attraction, but i def feel like there was chemistry

      problem is I've never been in this sort of situation, usually you leave it behind in the club
      but now were willing to really meet up even tho we live like 5hrs away from each other :p

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