Could he still like me?

So I met a guy and he was so cute and nice and seemed like he liked me a lot. He told me about his band and we talked a little and then later on I found his band and by extension his last name (he already told me his first name). We talked a little and he was responding at first but then he stopped all together, and I don't know why? He's still active online and posts pictures, but he just doesn't open the convo. He also doesn't follow me. I saw him again last night and he was really nice and it was good until my dog slobbered all over him and he seemed weirded out. Could there be ANY chance of him still liking me? My friend thought that maybe since he has so much going on he doesn't want to start anything up and maybe he's just avoiding the whole situation completely? I don't know.


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  • Honestly , doesn't sounds like there are many interactions going on. Maybe a few but nothing to definitely say he likes you.

    Though I will say that since you made an effort to reach out and he is not reciprocating , it could mean two things.

    1- he is really busy BUT He has a band yea but it's no where near as demanding as other jobs where you work a nonbrain dead job for 40+hours a week. He has free time and he is not putting that free time to reciprocate your attempts at contacting or connecting with him (reciprocate is a key word here) .

    2- he is not interested.

    Both cases are bad news. But it's the name of the game dear :( .

    Your best bet is to back off and keep going about your life. If he contacts you , then you are in good shape otherwise , move on with your life and DON'T contact him anymore.

    Hope things go well for you in the long run with or without the guy.

    • Well he also has a job at a restaurant as well, where he delivers food and cooks some of it too, so he has a normal job as well.

    • and also, I left out some things about our previous interactions- I won't get into it but he definitely acted as though he was interested, including touching my stomach and other things.

    • I don't want to be the barer of bad news but, resteraunt job isn't what I'd call a super demanding job. Unless he does that for 40+ hours a week.

      anyways he might have had interest at the start but the fact that he isn't reciprocating now means there are more important things happening in his life than you. Of he liked you enough to pursuit more then he would reciprocate to your attempts at contact , like following you back or sending you messages.

      Best bet is just to continue your life and move on.

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