Ladies what's a good way to get you on a first when getting to know a new guy?


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  • By asking me outright if I want to go on a date. Not to drop hints or " beat around the bush" Just to ask me straight up

    • For me I've been trying these dating apps since my work schedule is crazy and doesn't seem like I can get one to talk to me long enough to even get that far.

    • I've never used dating apps, but I've heard a lot of people say they struggle getting to the stage of arranging a date. It's difficult to build a rapport with people online. They lose interest quickly. It must be so frustrating.

    • Just don't give up trying. Maybe change your approach online. How does the convo initially start with people online?

  • Being assertive, but not making it too much about sex either. It’s amaxing what just trying to get to know someone can actually achieve!


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