Girls, Ever read men's dating advice books, podcasts or videos? What do you think?

I started following doc love about 10 years and about 3 years ago Corey Wayne.

These guys helped me improve my game with women, although I still have many struggles and frustrations.

Have you ever followed these guys out of curiosity?


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  • I love reading sex blogs, listening to podcasts and videos and reading those books. Some are scripted, but others that are made just by a real individual are really helpful, true and fun. You can learn so many things to make your sex life better and give you new ideas to do.

    • sex life is one thing, but what about advice on how men should approach women? Dating behavior, etc.

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    • If he plays hard to get its his lost as there's a sea of single man out there. That might work for just a little bit (like 1/2 sentences) BUT trust me it gets boring really fast and not worth it. Mysterious... I don't know to be honest we like to know in what were getting into. Those tricks are how to win an easy girl. If thats what you want go for it.

    • I am careful not to reach out to a girl right away after getting her number. If she’s attractive she used to guys hitting up her phone right away after giving her number out. I wait about five days. It has worked in the past.

      I’m also having a problem with a friends with benefits at the moment. We hooked up a few weeks ago. It was really good because her and I talked honestly about everything (fantasys, insecurities, exes, etc.). We talked seriously about hooking up again. She complimented me for “not being an asshole” and then she inexplicably blew off two of my text messages.

      Corey Wayne would say to “radio silence” her. That is don’t reach out at all, period.

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