What type of introverted girls do you prefer?

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  • Nerdy
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  • Artist
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  • Goth
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  • Outcast
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  • Yandere
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  • I feel like looking at the list with diffrent genders because I thought there are only two type of girls


Most Helpful Guy

  • 99% of people who think they are outcast are not outcast. Try being against taxation in socialist hell.

    • Trueeeee one time I tried to explain to some friends (in a very liberal area) my stance on taxes and they didn’t even let me continue after “Taxation goes too far” 😭

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    • I was gonna bust out some pessimistic ideas about how anarchy won’t work, but then I realized those are the same reasons our modern society sucks so bad—people will gain power and use it to gain followers, and then rinse and repeat. Honestly, I’d prefer anarchy. I think my philosophical viewpoint on human nature just prevents me from accepting that something like that could happen.

    • @not_a_queen human nature is programmable, it's up to us to mold the next generation's 'human nature' to create the world we want to live in. Right now we are programmed to submit to authority, as far as I can see, human nature currently is slave nature. We can make it so that human nature is protecting natural law rights and helping everyone to ascend in consciousness together. We could be god beings walking this earth, living in harmony with true morality. Dig deep into the truth and never let go, people will try to shake you, using all sorts of underhanded tactics, but you gotta be confident in your beliefs. Just keep thinking about this stuff and everything will become clearer and clearer until you have such a clear head, it's impossible for anyone to sway you from truth. This is what some religious people mean by giving yourself to god I think, I'm not religious though.

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  • Yandere, murder all rivals for my love !! 😍😂

  • I’m outcast

  • Don't mind

  • None

  • Any..


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