Should I be upset about this?

I've been seeing this guy recently
We had few dates already
We met on a dating app
he's seems like a nice guy and such a gentleman, and quite fun to be with
He has been bringing up this after the second date:
- He asked me if I wanted something serious
- He said he wants this to go somewhere and asking if Im on the same page as him
- He asked if my parents would like him
- He asked if I care about his background
- He keeps saying he likes me a lot
- He asked me how I see myself in 5 years
He always wants to see me often
After our 4th date, when we were kissing, he said:
"I really like you alot"
And then he asked me:
"Can we be more than friends? I want you to be my girl"
But I replied:
"I think I need more time, I don't want to rush anything, I just wanna hang out more and see where it goes"
Then he replied:
"Yeah sure, I understand"
And then I asked him:
"Are you still on the dating app?"
And he replied:
"Nah why?"
And I said:
"Just asking"
I deleted my profile few days ago because I am so over the app
Most of the guys are just douchebags that just want to hook up
So I didn't want to go on it again
But I went on it again to see if he's recently been online
And he was online few hours ago
I have him on facebook and his friends list is on public so I can see whether he adds new girls or not and he hasn't
But should I be upset about him still being on the app?
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  • He did lie to you and that's not okay but it could have been for another reason. Talk to him about it and figure out why.

  • Quick reminder:
    You were on the app too. Just for checking if he was, which could have been his motivation as well.


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