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All my life I wanted a good guy.. always envied families who had it good.. my parents got divorced. I didn't try to let it effect me my family argues all the time either one family member is not getting along all the time... My boyfriend is great, he pays for me, holds doors open a lot for me, comes to the door to get me, I am always happy to be around him, he supports me, leaves a good tip for waitstaff. Hasn't pressured me into anything, we text often.. we live an hour away from each other. My heart races whenever I see him and I feel like I can't breathe? He told me he loves me, and I said it back.. I don't even know if I mean it.. I think I am infatuated by him.. My stomach is in knots when I am around him but I can eat. I am so insecure and am just waiting to get hurt, I let down people so much.. I mess everything up. He's a farmer, and needs someone more patient.. I thought about breaking up with him cause I don't know why anyone would wanna be around me. I am fat, so I am not considered desirable. How can I tell him? Am I throwing away a good guy? I think about other guys, which isn't good.. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN.. why does this always happen to me?


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  • To be honest, nothing abnormal is happening to you. But for better self - esteem, you're to make a proper solution to your weight problem. Doctor + analyses + treatment + gym and coach = profit. You'll stop feeling insecure and going to feel much better


    Keep on with your guy, marry and make kids, your life is something most ladies just dream about.

    • And don't forget the proper nutrition

    • He deserves better, this post was how to tell him.

    • If you would tell him you'll get a lot of aggression. As we don't like when somebody decides for us. But if you want to do it, just do it the hardest possible way, like sleep with another guy, make photos and send him.

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  • Generally yes girls throw away good guys cause they feel insecure.
    Just enjoy it cause he likes who you are. He decides if your worth his time.
    Relax and enjoy it. Latter on if you get hurt so what you enjoyed the relationship till it was over instead of worrying about it constantly and wanting to break up. Enjoy it so you can smile when you look back.

  • It happens because you're letting it happen. Half the people in world are fat so don't think about that, fat people can have great personality of they want. If someone loves you that much then you should give them a chance, be patient. Do not throw away a good guy and probably the best thing in your life right now.

  • This question is going all over the place. What are you actually trying to figure out?


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