Ladies, What skills u would like to have in the guy u want?

i was just wondering that which kind of skills gilrs want to have ion a boy to be attractive, i am not talking about confidence here it's also a skill obviously but away from that like sports skills or guitar or any thing like that includes cocurricular.
I have a lot if spare time these days so I was thinking of working on my skills to improve them as much I can, so... that's all :P kinda weird


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  • Well for me I'd want him to be at least slightly interested in my interests. He doesn't have to be a theatre major like me but if he was well read and knew a fair amount of modern musicals that would be a huge turn on. Of course that would differ for every girl lol


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  • Artistic expression is a must have


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  • I guess it'd would be cool if the guy have a nice voice and could sing.
    Or either that, could play the guitar or drums.
    Another good skill would be that if he could cook.

  • Good mathematical skills :P
    Or he has to know how to draw or be a musician.. Or hell even a writer poet guy..

    • why do you want a guy with good mathematical skills? what do you think math skills involve?

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    • well if you need help with a particular math topic you may ask me :))

      But I don't promise I can make you good at math, the math I know is more of an art than a science and it's intrinsic.

    • @IlyaTheImpaler thanks for offering to help <3

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