Guys, I’m Scared to show any interest, is it bad to do?

Whenever I like a guy and he likes me I’m usually ok the first 1-2 dates but by the 3rd date whether it’s texting, phone or in person I’m so terrified of acting like I like him. What I mean is showing excitement in my texts or getting all girly and higher pitched when he’s near me. I act calm and literally watch EVERY word I say so as not to scare them off and think I like them so much. I’m so afraid that once I show even the slightest interest whether by (texting first or by showing it though my words) I think they’re going to immediately lose interest bc they now know I actually Like them TOO. Like I have panic attacks everytime I text a guy first or respond to a guy in an interested happy way. I watch other girls fall all over guys and not be afraid to show affection or cutesy excitement and I wish I was like that.

Can someone explain to me that it’s not a bad thing to show some interest in a guy? I really get terrified once I do.


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  • Why would showing interest be a bad thing? Did you have any negative experience of that ever?

    • Yes, I’ve been attracted to men who had severe intimacy issues like haven’t had GFs in over 10 years and who hated themselves or turned out to be really abusive (of course I didn’t know that at the time) and they’ve really fucked my head up. Not to mention as a kid I would always try to show love to my mom and Dad but they’d ignore me or yell at me for it, if I was lucky they’d make fun of me. I’m scared to show any emotion

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    • A generic one will do. The kind that you can visit by a GP recommendation. I suggest you go with the medical route and not the private ones.

    • Ok thank you, I appreciate the advice. How come the medical but not the private?

  • People like being liked, let it hang out


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