Can my ex wife make it where my girlfriend can’t watch our daughter?

We have 50/50 timesharing custody. I am on a temporary shift that’s 10 pm- 7 am. My girlfriend lives with me. My daughter is 2 years old. She watches her while I sleep for like 6 hours and when I am gone to work at night which my daughter is asleep by 7-8 pm every night. So really she’s asleep majority of the time under her care.

My ex is trying to make things difficult saying she has first right of refusal of who can watch our daughter. She doesn’t want my “live in girlfriend” watching her. She is wanting to take it to court to try and get full custody cause my girlfriend watches her at night. My girlfriend poses no threat or danger to our daughter. My ex has already dogged my girlfriend out in messages and my girlfriend hasn’t done anything at all to her.

Regardless of who the daycare provider is my girlfriend is still going to be around. I feel like she should have no say so in my time sharing with my daughter. The divorce papers even say neither party is allowed to contact the daycare provider we choose unless it’s an emergency concerning the child. Isn’t it in the best interest of the child to not be woken up at night every night to be dropped off at her house after 9 pm every night? Seems like she’s just jealous.


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  • im not commenting to be a douche in all this, but to be quite honest, these cases are very delicate and perhaps you're seeking information in the wrong place.

    I'd think you need to see a lawyer about this
    i mean, when your ex starts attacking your girlfriend over messages it becomes a whole different situation all together.

    i and everyone here doesn't know about your divorce papers and the parental agreements made there in, so a lawyer would be more qualified to give you a definitive answer.

    see i could tell you that i'd find it hard to believe she has anything to say about what goes on in your household, as well as you dont in hers.
    as long as both of you keep the intrest of the child at heart.

    now i dont know about your country, but here we have a small time law firm that has a walk in hour
    people can walk in with their issues and the lawyer gives a judgement call based off what he or she knows, they'll look at some paperwork but won't go into legal procedings
    perhaps you can find someone over there and save some money that way as well :)

    Best of luck to you

    • I am going to get in touch with the lawyer. But she think she can get away with everything

    • Now without sounding to much like a cop here

      Evidence evidence evidence, out there it's not about what you know or what you say, but what you can prove in court (if need be)

      see the mud slinging has taken incredible leaps in recent years, so its harder for some mediator to just say to stop certain things, or for ex's to listen to one another.

      and dont get me wrong here, i'm not saying you're lying, i would never negate what you're going trough like that.

      i seriously hoppe you guys can work this out and both of you can keep the child's welbeing a priority (mainly the oposing side who needs to do that from what i've read)

  • Yes she's just jealous, there's reasons why she could be like that, but it's just a bluffing threat for you, because she can't take it to the court i guess, unless she have proof to tell the judge.

    • I think she’s still hung up on me cause she sends messages after midnight of songs from YouTube trying to be sarcastic cause I won’t respond to her

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