Insecure of how much money I earn?

So I haven't really got a proper job. I've worked in retail, as a warehouse assistant/tradie assistant, done paper rounds etc and current coaching sport.

I never really earned much, nor stayed at those jobs for long apart from coaching (been over 3 years now), but i'm earning less than $5k a year at 20, i'll be be honest it's around $3500. I am in my final year of my degree at uni and hopefully I can get a job straight out of post grad, but it isn't likely, and I don't have to worry about uni fees (parents taking care of that).
But I pretty much spend all that per year on my phone/fuel/uni parking/subscriptions like Spotify/Netflix etc, so I barely have any spending money, and I don't work every single week of the year, so there are times where I can't buy anything for weeks because I have a phone bill plus needing to buy fuel coming up.

How much of a turn off would this be? We couldn't go on dates, there would be time where we couldn't even hang out (Ie, I couldn't drive places), and things like birthday gifts are almost out of the question.
I'm really insecure about this, and yes I know the easiest way is to just get "real job" - but I don't know what's wrong with me but I freak out at job interviews, starting new jobs, doing new things to the point I just can't do it, and I don't want to do a job that's either fun, or i'm confident in doing well cause I get really stressed out and can't sleep properly blah blah.
I also have 140 prac hours for uni coming up that needs to be done in 6 months, and it might be a stretch to get those done without a new job, let alone a new one (Depends on the hours I get given for prac week to week, and the availability they have/need).

So should I be really stressed/insecure about this? I feel I can't get into a relationship solely for this reason, I can't provide anything, the relationship would be boring, and we wouldn't really do anything.


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  • Well at least you've got a car and you're studying. Finishing your college should be a top priority for you. Being a good worker is important for any job. But it's better to be a smart worker - to outsmart all the competitors around. That's the key to success.

    You shouldn't get stressed, as before the real job your salary may be not that high.

    Again, when you hit a real postgraduate job (not necessary in your field of study), be a smart worker. And get balls, as in any group of people you're to fight for your point of view and position. There are a lot of people to set you up at work and get a promotion over your head.

    • Car was bought by my dad for me and my brother to learn in, I just ended up getting it given to me.
      And that all sounds true, the only benefit i've got going for me is my field of study has been a hobby of mine for 4 years, and i've done my own research to better myself in my hobby. I've also done a fair amount of stuff that relates to what i'd do in the job, but again i'm competing with lots and lots of others, which you statd too.

    • Yeah you master your profession or hobby and try to make profit out of that. Like when you play football good - you can be a top player for your team (like wallmart of your city team). When you can work with wood or masonry, you can make money in construction and constr.-supervision etc. There are a lot of people looking for help. Like I'm a computer maniac, I fix computer stuff around the world.

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  • I think honesty is the most important thing. For example, I’m very understanding, and if I know you do love me and that you don’t take me out or buy me gifts or at times can’t see me due to financial issues, then I will understand. I’d expect you to put your full effort into finishing school though and then overcoming your job anxiety so that you could get a job that pays more than your current job does in the future, not only for your sake but for you and your girlfriend’s sake as a couple. I never hold the guy I am with to a higher standard than I hold myself to. 😊 So don’t feel insecure, just be honest.

    • Honestly isn't an issue with me. I just don't want to even think about a relationship because of the lack of financial stability I have.
      Of course i'll finish my degree, just hoping I can get a job out of it quickly, or else i'll be looking into a 1.5 year postgrad.
      Also, there's probably not a lot of places that WOULD hire me, lack of experience being the main culprit.
      I'm definitely not looking to earn this little for any longer than I have to of course, but it's a struggle for me. (Unemployment rates are the highest they have been in a long time where I live too).
      Thanks for your opinion!

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    • Well I say all that about life priorities, but how much of it will I actually change? Probably not much until I get that decent job. (I want to move out, start being independent for all bills, focus on work and things adults need to do - all really based on me making money to be able to start by moving out).
      Thankyou! And good luck with your studies!

    • Sounds like a plan though! I believe in you and good luck to you too 😊

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  • If you're still in school that's no problem. I'd date a guy who didn't have a job at all if he was still in school so it's fine.

  • find a job that pays more


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