He might be the love of my life. Should I tell him (read the details before answering the poll, please)?

When I was 16 I fell in love with a new guy in my school, now I'm 20, almost 21, and two days ago I realized I'm still in love with him. It's been two years since I don't see him but just the memory of him made me cry for two hours, so I know what I feel is very real.

We would talk every day for two years (until I was 18) and my friends and I agreed he seemed to like me back, but he started to date a girl (out of the blue, whom he dated for at least one year) and we were finishing high school so I decided to put distance (without confessing) and do my best to forget him. I thought he maybe was just playing with me and it was going to hurt me a lot.

Now it's been almost 3 years since I tried to forget him and when I realized he might be single all my feelings of that time came back powerfully and I feel deeply in love.

We live in a small town so everyone will know if I confess and he rejects me, but I think it's worth it. I would do ANYTHING to date him. Should I confess and ask him for information about how to make him like me back?

If it matters, he's a very handsome man, I'm an average woman and we have interests in common.
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  • Just tell him. When you keep something on your chest. Either u have to let it go or let it out. Obviously you can't let it go so u gotta let it out. Just tell him... tell him everything... it's been awhole but reach out to him. I would be so flattered if a girl I was friends with had feelings for me after so long. And if I was single and she was cute and cool and a potential interest, I might even date her. But hey, if he has a girlfriend right now then he'll probably reject you... but hey at least you got it off your chest. I really wanna know how this goes if you tell him lol. Such an interesting predicament.

    • Thank you. If I do choose to confess, I would post his answer. It's scary but it matters the world to me

    • And that's the thing about love. To get it from someone else like that u have to a risk... u don't know what's gonna happen but u just have to hope for the best and even if it doesn't go your way, u live, you learn.

    • You're right <3

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  • Two big things jump out at me: he never showed any interest in being anything except friends, AND you said that he "might be single" now. What if he isn't?
    I'm sorry, but if he was interested in getting together with you, don't you think he would have done it by now?
    And your statement about asking him for information to get him to like you more? Not sure got that idea, maybe the movies.
    I think if you move on this you will end up very hurt and disappointed.

    • I don't feel sure he was uninterested because we were young, he seemed to flirt a lot with me and he's shy, but yes, a part of me also says "he would have done it by now". If he isn't single, I won't confess, I don't want to hurt anyone, let alone happy couples. Thank you, that's a probable outcome, thank you.

    • You said you are small town folk. Wouldn't it be easy to find out if he has a gf?

    • Yes, it should be easy, I'm working on it. :)

      Actually, I moved to a city when I started in the university, but I still go to my hometown almost every weekend.

  • Whatever happens, at least your tried, I'm rooting for you.

  • I say go for it! As long as he isn't seeing someone then yes! 👍



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