She says she really wants to hang out.. but can never commit to a definite date?

So there is this girl who I dated. We went on 3 dates and I really liked her but I screwed if up a bit and got friendzoned.

A few months passed and I told her I like her and I don't agree to the friend zone and I want to take her out on another date.

She said she was up for the date and asked what we should do. I messaged her back but with no response.

A week later I messaged her saying I found this really cool bar in Manchester which I'd like to take her... if she was interested. If not, no worries.

She responded - Hey doll, yes I do really want to hang out again, but I will be pretty busy with my assignment for the next few weeks, Once its handed in lets 100% do something 😄 how are you anyway? X

I messaged back the next day playing it cool. Just asking when her assignments due and good luck and that I'll be pretty busy over the next few weeks anyway (which I am with work.)

But she again didn't respond. Now the worst thing I can do is message her again. But does this actually look like it's going anywhere? It's twice she said she is up for hanging out but still no definite date. What advice would you have moving forward?


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  • She sounds interested, but not serious enough about it.

    • my concern is if I just leave it she will forget about me. But I know that even if there is a little bit of hope... She will finally reach out to me. I just wish girls wernt so complicating. I mean if she didn't want to hang out she wouldn't have replied... So... yeh

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