Is the ball in his court now?

So I've been talking to my crush for a month now, he knows I like him and he's shown signs of interest as well.

-Gave him my number, we're supposed to hang out next Friday.

-I told him to text/call me after he comes back to his retreat this weekend and "then we'll figure out what to do :)" then listed my number... (I said the ending part in the message because I honestly don't know what we should do! Movies? Dinner? Not sure if this'll be an actual date or us hanging out)

-He said "sweet, will do" and gave me his number as well.

Should I expect him to make this happen?

...after he comes back FROM his retreat...
I guess I should clarify... who's supposed to call the other person now? Him right, because he said "sweet, will do"?


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  • "Should I expect him to make this happen?"

    I don't see why not

    • Mkay... yeah, I was just unsure if maybe he gave me his number because he'll expect me to call to hang out?

    • Maybe I didn't understand correctly, I'm thinking for the "this to happen" is the date/hangout/something.

      as for who calls... uhh, I'd except him with the "will do", but don't count on it. you don't you to be "hes going to call" and him going she's going to call" and no one calls.

What Girls Said 1

  • He should call you, you left the ball in his court.

    Since you initiated a date you need to plan it. Opt for something simple, the typical, dinner and a movie is my favorite. At least you know you'll have the movie to talk about at dinner, if nothing else.

    Good luck.