What do women typically like in a guy?

I have heard everything from the "bad boy" character to the "idfc if you exist or not" kinda vibe to the sweet do anything and everything to make her happy little guy. So what is it? How do I attract a possible relationship with maneurisms and personality traits that appeal to the opposite gender without compromising my own beliefs and morals? In other words... I've been in the marine corps and still don't know how to talk to a woman.


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  • I go for bad boys as i like their company and they are always going out and partying etc.

    • Fair enough. Do you ever consider any other type of dude or are you pretty consistent?

    • Guys who are too quiet get easily embarrased and dont like the way i dress and flirt etc

    • So you're saying shy guys tend to be more conservative and try to keep you more to themselves instead of letting you be you?

  • Be sweet, funny, corny, fit, cute, clean

    • Can you define fit and corny? Like, would I have to have a six pack both figuratively AND physically for you to date me or?

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    • Good luck :D

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