Does she like me 16 years old?

So I really like this girl and for the past few months she’s been saying hi to me and stuff and like adding me to her Snapchat story for killing a spider and even giving me nicknames.

Today I actually got the balls to talk to her and in the morning I said hi as I was walking past her and she smiled at me. Later on in my other class she asked what grade on my test and we communicated and she smiled a lot. Then as I see her again out of class she shyly avoids eye contact with me until I say her name and she starts smiling a lot again and talk. she even said to me if I said hi to her in the morning to make sure and I said yeah. Does that mean she was thinking about it?

hen at the end of the day while she was with her guy friends, she yelled my name and said what’s up when I was pretty far away.

Is she being friendly or flirty, please help, thanks:)!


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