Does anybody tell the truth?

Does anyone ever tell their significant other the truth about who they are? We are all human and have the same hangups and put our pants on the same way who the fuck can judge u anyway? Who wants to live a lie?


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  • I do. I always believe the truth will set you free. No matter how good or bad the truth is, if that person truly love you, he/she will accept and love you for who and what you are.

    • I agree completely. I've just never met another person who believes that also. They all say they do but it's usually b. s. And your right if they love you they love YOU whatever and whoever you are

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    • Messaged you on whatsapp 😊

    • Let me install it

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  • I do

  • Not 100% of the time.

    • Why the hell not? Aren't we all human beings with all the same working parts hangups and dreams. Why would I need to impress someone who shares my genetic makeup?

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    • Yeah I knew what she was going in but I was very attracted to her mind , and I thought I could play the game and come out ok. Too bad I'm not a sociopath ya know?

    • Holy crap I thought the pic if your daughter was who I was texting for a min! Then I expanded. She's a doll by the way. Im a single dad he's 8

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