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Ok before I explain my situation, I'm gonna give you a bit of backstory. Let me describe me. I'm currently 17, doing year 12 and aspiring to be and actor/artist. I'm a pretty shy person when I'm around people I find intimidating or I'm not particularly close with, but I'm wild af when I'm with friends/family. Tbh I don't think I'm pretty but most of the guys reckon I'm "hot". I could be described as 'unpopular' by someone who doesn't know me, but really I just know who my real friends are (quality over quantity ya know?). I don't particularly care about the opinions of people I don't like but I'm scared of being judged (this is going somewhere i promise).
At my school, the art class is yr 11 and yr 12s combined bc we're a fairly small school. There's only 1 yr 11 guy in art this year and before this year we didn't rlly know each other but I'd always thought he was pretty hot. We've been talking since the start of the year and now we're actually pretty close friends. Recently he has started to drop BIG hints that he likes me and I've started to like him. He's bloody funny and we're interested in the same movies and read the same books and shit. Most of my friends support it, buuut 1 or 2 say he's not rlly the dating type. Like he's not rlly a fuckboy, but he's not a softboy either. He's friends with those feral but weirdly popular people, and he's kinda feral too, but not as bad. Aside from the feralness and slight fuckboy behaviour, he is a pretty perfect guy. I rlly like him I would date him but I'm scared of what everyone else would say and I hate being bitched about. I NEED HELP.

Do I go with it regardless of what people will say, or listen to my friend and not date him?
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  • Go for him. Reading this bought me back to year 12 (I graduated last year) where I was in the same situation. The guy I liked was a weirdo, who didn't seem like the dating type, and hanged out with the weirdly popular kids. He seemed like a good guy though, and as I friended him I started liking him. Anyways we grew apart and I missed my chance to tell him about my feelings. Fast forward to now, next thing I know, he puts up 'in a relationship' on fb and his profile pic is him holding hands with this girl I have no clue who she is.

    Anyways my point is dont miss the chance and good luck with your acting career


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  • If it makes you happy go for it. Also if you're gonna be an actor you're going to receive a LOT of criticism. It's definitely a career that requires a thick skin.

  • Who cares what your classmates think? You'll never see them again after school anyways, unless you try to keep in touch.

    Go for it :)

  • Confront him. Ask him if he is open to relationships rather than hearing from others. I made that mistake at your age and I regret it. Find out your own information and you'll go on from there.


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