Does he like me? Why did he change?

So me and this guy have been in the same class for 2 years now and we never really talked more than hello or goodbye until these last two weeks.
recently he has been stopping me for 5/10 minute chats whenever he sees me on my own, just asks about my life or school projects and how are they going with me. He also sets next to me but always brings a couple of friends to sit next to him on the other side and then talks to me but just barely and offers me snakes whenever he has that.
his two best friends one is very friendly to me but she has always been that way and the other doesn’t talk to me but has always been that way.
on his Facebook he used to have a lot of photos with his girlfriend but has stopped uploading new ones 3 months ago, she did that too.

why the change of behavior? Does he like me? What can I do to encourage him to ask me out while being subtle?


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