Face/off... advice would be welcomed?

what can a man do if he doesn't like his face?
I know, I already started the jokes in my own head, like "paper bag" or "burn it down" etc. but im seriously askin.. i have a big nose (been broken for 8times when I was a boxer at 20) and i started bolding a little, besides there's not a single symmetric point on it, so I myself would describe it as ugly.

Having a decent muscular body, dressin neat, a stable carreer, fun life, humour etc these things can all be changed with willpower and patience, but frankly, I feel depressed for I can't really change my bloody face. and it must be something women in general cares about.

is there something, i mean some tips which might help?

thank you for all advice in advance.Face/off... advice would be welcomed?


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