Did I get rejected?

Ok so I liked a girl and I was trying to talk to her. She said she was busy and I respected because she was at her job but I kind of pushed a little just to see how she would respond. I said ok that’s cool. Um what time do you leave work? Would be alright if I ask you a question after? She responded with I don’t know when I leave. That indicated that she doesn’t like me. So I kind of said something a little harsh but it wasn’t bad. I jokingly said don’t be stupid but in a jokingly voice. So she turned and just said please! When she said that I just quietly stayed still and she just walked away while her face was red. I felt like she was flattered but she didn’t want me. Did I get rejected?


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  • This is some of the most twisted logic I've seen in quite a while. She clearly brushes you off twice, then you feel the need to direct a rude comment towards her. At this point, she has had enough of you and just wants to get rid of you. To answer your question, YES she rejected you. You didn't flatter her at all, and I'm puzzled why you would think this at all.
    You tried to start a conversation with her while she was at work, which shows lack of respect for her and her job. Then after she declines talking to you, you insult her? I think you may need to work on your game... like a lot.

    • She know I was joking. I didn’t say it rudely. I didn’t insult her. I said it smooth and not arrogantly. Also the only time I see the bitch is at her job nowhere else

    • So if she knew you were joking, and you said it 'smooth, not arrogantly' then why did she walk away from you. Do you call her 'bitch' because she rejected you, or is that just how you refer to women by default?

    • Cause she was at her job and she was busy and I realize I was being inconsiderate and talking to her while she’s busy.

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  • Yes you should have let her just be after she had said "idk when work ends" and maybe u could have tried again few weeks later
    Now she has a bad image but maybe in a week or two
    If u want to
    U can apologise and ask her out with a bunch of flowers

    • I will do that. Should I just message her on social media or apologize in person?

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    • Thanks so much. You are a big help

    • It's alright, ALL THE BEST - GOOD LUCK🌻🌻🌻

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