What do you do when you miss someone badly but can't go back to them?

I'm crying myself to sleep everyday. I can't focus on anything and I have an extremely important exam coming up next month. It's like all I want in my life is him to make myself happy.

This guy was my crush for more than 2 years im college. When he started reciprocating my feelings I was completely overwhelmed. He was my first serious crush and with time it turned into love. We had an amazing chemistry. Thing is, when he started showing interest in me back, college was about to end so he thought it would be best to move on because he felt it wouldn't work out like this. I felt really hurt because I'd realised by that time that I needed him in my life to make myself happy. I couldn't imagine not seeing him again.

Anyways, I completely disappeared from his life but five months later on our graduation day, he did all he could to get my attention. I was really angry with him. If he didn't want me then so why now? My friends told me to ignore him completely. I did that, but 2 weeks later (when I had calmed down) I started missing him again so I contacted him. We got into a really bad argument and I ended up saying some really hurtful things to him. He told me never to contact him again after that.

I felt awful for what I did so I tried to fix things with him a few months later. His friends told me he was really very happy that I had contacted him but it became obvious to me that he just wasn't that interested in me and wasn't serious about me. After that, he ignored my texts and calls so I blocked him for good. Now it's been 4 months and he's stalking me. He's texting me from different numbers and won't stop. I don't know why he's doing this? I know I can't go back to him but I can't stop missing him. I've tried getting really busy but it's not working.


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  • Cut him out if the past is holding you. No photos and anything that can remind him. Remember the cause of your failed relationship and decide if it was good decision/ lesson to leave someone you talk about or not.

    • I've already cut him off. Didn't you read the details? He's stalking me now.

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    • I feel like he's just playing games and isn't actually interested in me.

    • Then just ignore him totally. Adjust your attitude, he is behaving like moron then, he's not worth of your time. It doesn't make you angry? Some sort of person who annoys you has a goal, to get you annoyed. But will you let him to do that when you know his goal? 100% cut off. Even if he calls or text recognise him and just calmly stick to the plan to just dont care about him. First it will be hard but in long run he will get tired of any action if you won't react or be affected by him. Know his weak side and use it agianst him if necessary. He can't harm you, law is in your side and calls or messages are prof of his unpredictable actions.

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  • Dear u have to move on make new friends date them it will help a lot even for u to concentrate on ur exams.

  • nothing. just try to forgot them. and feel like how unlucky i am

  • Jerk off to their pics 😂😂😂😂


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