I suck at communicating with and relating to women... is it too late?

I’m almost 30 and it’s been nearly 4 years since my last girlfriend. The relationship ended poorly and after that I basically went mgtow. Of course as a straight man I find attractive women to be a huge turn on. The problem now is that I never have anything to talk about that interests me nor do I find what women do say to say interesting. Basically I don’t know if I’ll ever connect with a woman again. I work with some cute girls but basically all I do is look at them and they look at me probably thinking I’m super weird. Is it too late to learn how to communicate with women again? I’d be down for random hookups and casual sex but I can’t even do that since my life went to shit after the last relationship and forced me to move back home. That’s another long story though.


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  • It never too late to find happiness. Hence it's never too late to find a girl you love and start a relationship with her.

    Someone wrote that you just go out and attempt to start date, embrace rejections and learn from it.

    I agree. Just like Edison who failed thousands of times, ONE success light his world and those around him up. So find that ONE that will light up your world.

    To do so:

    1) don't show yourself desperate (for sex or relationship). It's the #1 turn off.

    Instead learn to be casual, dress smartly and approach women respectfully.

    2) be knowledgeable.

    Make it a habit to read world news daily and from them, find tag lines for conversation.

    E. g. do you know that Malaysia is going to the Poll on May 9 a Wednesday? There is a lot of scandal with the incumbent Prime Minister and the ex Prime Minister is there to bring him down. (Interestjg topic? You develop it)

    3) be prepared.
    Always go out prepared but not overly prepared. Once you shoulds lime you're regurgitating something, you lose credibility.

    But if you have a few "tricks", be it a joke, a conversation starter, a line to go for a meal or drink, and a welcoming approach to another date, you're ready to go.

    4) be sincere, start from non sexual friendship.

    As long as you out sex out of the picture, most women will accept you in the beginning.

    Just be respectful, sincere to start a friendship with her. No need to be formal. Just eat, drink, talk about the latest hits, gossip about your favorite pop star, tell of an embarrass encounter, place where there is a fire sale, ... anything... we're human and have the same desires...

    And after the above, if you got rejected, try again.

    To conclude, don't worry about age. My brother married at 35, happily. So can you.

    Have fun dating and accept rejection. You'll eventually learn the fine art of flirting and get your "catch".

    Good luck.


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  • The first thing you have to do my friend, is building up conffidence, and you won't achieve a strong conffidence if you keep thinking in the past and overthinking in the things you lack, thinking such things won't do it, you need to take action to change, do not stress for your age, you are still young, if you were 40 and still in the same condition then that would be catastrophic, make yourself a life commitment, you are going to star working in yourself today, don't look for a relathipship desperatly as if it's what will make you happy, instead persue happiness find it and then share that happiness with the other person, going back to the topic, build conffidence by improving yourself, learn habilities, do interesting and healthty things, like going to the gym, learning an martial art, playing and instrument, xtream sports, travelling, obviously you need incomes to do that so find a job, if you have one save to invest in yourself, it is about building your best version, if you stress about finding a girl, you are on the best path to never get her, instead become an interesting man, one that attracts women natually, showing conffidence in himself and an interesting life, that a girl would like to join to

  • You're entering your prime years now, don't fuck this up. Go out, talk to women on the street, go to bars. Just get confident talking to women again. You'll get rejected, you'll be embarrassed, you'll feel weird - but embrace it, that's part of the process. Every rejection makes you stronger. What's important is that you're learning how to get your mojo with women.

  • Ever thought that maybe you are over thinking things. Try to be yourself.

  • Try Tinder or something like that.


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