Does this make me a bigot or racist that I refuse to ever date or be in a serious relationship with Brazilian women ever again after a?

negative experience with one ex-girlfriend?

I once dated a Brazilian girl (met her through my job that involves traveling all over the world or foreigners visiting the business that I work for) not too long ago. At first, it started off good until later, she made my relationship a living hell by becoming constantly bitchy, annoying and act as if everything in our relationship revolves around her only or everything is about her. Then she ended up cheating on me for another man because I wasn't "good enough for her" by pointing out that I'm not good in bed anymore like I was when we first started date, that I work in an "average" job position that pays middle class income (and not aim for a "better" job that pays me more and makes me of "higher social class"), and that I didn't treat her like a princess enough (even though I've bought her many sort of gifts throughout the holidays while she very rarely ever does the same for me, despite that she makes about the same amount of money as I do from her job here in the US).

Then I just told her to go fuck herself for being an ungrateful, unfaithful bitch, left her and moved on, then later on, heard that karma bit her back in the ass when the man she cheated on me for, physically abused her a few times then dumped her while she was still pregnant so I laughed at that, lol.

Since then, I vowed to never date or be in a serious relationship with Brazilian women ever again. Does this make me a racist or bigot? Am I wrong for being this way?
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  • Frankly, it makes you and idiot for thinking every Brazilian woman is the same.


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