Does this guy just want to hookup?

I am meeting a guy I met on a dating app for a drink tomorrow night. I'm not entirely sure what his intentions are (dating/hookup/whatever) so I figured I would just go and see what happens. Every guy that I have talked to EXCEPT HIM has made it very clear that they're either looking to hookup or they've asked me to dinner/mini-golf and those guys were looking for a relationship

-- his bio said he's recently single but also looking for someone who is ambitious/has goals (I just don't understand why anyone would care if their hookup has life goals)
-- my first message to him was about his MBA, he asked if I was working or in school
-- most of the questions have been asked by me with him asking the same in return
-- told him I was studying last week and said to let him know if I needed a study break. I declined but said we could do coffee another time and he said absolutely.
-- tried to plan a week in advance because my schedule is crazy and he said since it was so far away, let's keep talking and find a time that works for both of us.
--We have talked on the app a couple of messages per day for a little over a week.
-- He usually texts me earlier in the day, though I also stop responding to everyone around 8:30 so maybe he got the time hint
-- He asked me if I wanted to get a drink this morning before the night I suggested originally for coffee.
-- I said I could do after 7, he suggested 9.
-- I said I was in X and we could meet in the middle (so as not to be too close to someone's house/implying I am going to drive aka not get drunk), he agreed and it's basically in the middle.
-- my bio says no hookups but there's no indication in his messages that he's read it
-- He has not asked for my phone number and this is all through the app

I feel like the answer is yes but "girl brain" needs a guy's opinion haha


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  • Why don't you just go see what happens?

    If I was a guy looking for a hookup, went on a date, and found out that I really like this girl. I would change my intentions of wanting a hookup and pursue a more serious route.

  • He could be testing the waters. But then again, I think it is safe to say that most guys are hopeful that the date will end in someones bed.

    Would have to say that the location choice is perfect though. And as always, if at anytime you get uncomfortable during the date, find a way out.

    Best of luck to you, hope it goes well.

  • Just ask him what they are. Then there is no doubt. Don't make assumptions.


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