Am I Just Being Silly?

I’ve been dating this guy about a month now. Our relationship has been pretty involved. By that I mean we have spent more days together than apart. The past 3 weeks we’ve spent at least 3-4 days together ending with me spending the night. When we are together, the chemistry is awesome. He’s attentive, affectionate and just there. When we aren’t together, I hear from him maybe once a day. He says he hates texting. That’s issue number one. I asked him when I’d see him again for intimacy and he told me he’s busy through the weekend... Do men really turn down sex and why would he make plans to not see me for a complete week? He could tell I was annoyed apologized and asked me if I was mad and that it wasn’t his intent. I wrote him back and said we both have lives and I’ll see him when I see him. Was I wrong? Is he pulling away and am I just being an attention hog?


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  • I wouldn’t conclude anything until more time has passed but the whole text thing I completely understand and I’m guilty of it too.
    Also sometimes people are just busy and get lost in their work.
    I’d pay more attention to when you guys are together rather than the time you are apart.

    • Thank you. I’m usually not too into a guy like this and generally don’t care what is going on. We had a life before each other and that hasn’t changed. So I’ll try to be less... clingy?

    • It’s about what you want out of the relationship. If you can settle for less time and are happy with that sure. If not voice you concerns.

      By the sounds of it you guys do like each other but there may be a difference in what each party wants in the relationship.

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