Guys, He wants to know if I have a boyfriend?

I have a guy friend, who is in a relationship. We are strictly platonic friends now, but we were intimate at one point. We hang out sometimes and he makes weird comments about whether or not I have a boyfriend. For instance, I got a FaceTime message from a male friend while I was with the guy in question. He straight out asked me who that guy was and whether it was my boyfriend. He then proceeds to tell me it doesn’t matter (because he’s already spoken for) but he wants to know? Why does he even care? There have been other comments that made me raise an eyebrow. I am distancing myself from him but what is this guys angle?


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  • Well, it could be just curiosity, but if I ask that to a friend, it means that I either want to avoid an uncomfortable situation because I didn't know she had a boyfriend, or deep down I consider dating her.
    As for the girlfriend part. It definitely makes things more safe, but I would still advise you to be really careful. If you already had intimate moments, maybe he liked being like that with you, and is considering more

    • Thanks for providing clarity to the situation.

  • If you're friends then he could just be interested in what's happening in your life (like friends usually are)

    • You are friends do want to know that... but when I answer you and don’t believe me and continue to find reasons to bring up whether there’s someone involved in my life makes the question (s) suspicious. And I don’t claim to know everything and I don’t want to jump to conclusions hence this post.

    • You are right^

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