Guys, how would you react if a close girl friend kissed you?

I'm really close with one of my guy friends, and I like him. People keep telling me I should kiss him before we even go out. I think that's a little weird, but I've heard it a lot.

How would you react? Would you freak out or stay calm? Would it make a difference if you liked her or not?

If you liked her, would you ask her out after or wait for her to ask you?


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  • I think friends could either start a good relationship, or end a good friendship. Don't start something because your friends tell you to, do it because you want it. If it happened to me, I would kiss her back, but not do anything more. I would find out her intentions and what made her want to kiss me in the first place, and why she wanted more than just friendship. If her reasons were justifiable and she was one of those friends I could date, I'd give it a chance, but not put all my cards in it.

    • Thanks, this was pretty helpful. What would be a justifiable reason, out of curiosity?

    • No problem. Justifiable would be something deeper and more meaningful than just because one of my friends wanted to kiss someone or get laid.

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