Why do girls seem to only be interested in jerks?

I often notice every time I try to date someone or have dated someone they end up being with someone who treats the like an object or lower being and sometimes even end up being beat. I tend to get shit down for being "to nice". How is treating someone with care being to nice


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  • Its not that most girls like jerks, its that they love someone who either lied to them or that the person theyre with can be a jerk. Plus a lot of self proclaimed "nice guys" aren't nice at all. Theyre sexists assholes who think saying one nice thing means theyre owed sex

    • I get where you are coming from. But as for myself I hold very little interest in sex I'm more a less looking for someone to spend my days with thanks for the feed back

    • That nice. I hope you find them

    • Thank you.

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  • Stop being so submissive people look down upon you. Doesn’t that anger you.

    • I often don't get angry. I try to treat everyone with kindness and In a caring matter I'm not one to be aggressive toward anyone unless they've been aggressive toward me. I wouldn't consider my self as submissive I consider myself to be passive then again I could very well have my self image wrong

    • Then you good girls like that

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  • /r/niceguys

    • Hmm maybe I should try to explain this a bit differently. I've been trying to become something a little more then friends with this girl at work we've been friends for years and we've become very close and she began coming to me with every problem she has we use to spend night and day together at my place on the phone at work pretty much every minute of the day with each other. She's been dating someone on and off for a while and the last time we split I finally found the self confidence to ask her out she told me she had feelings for me and she would but she said "you're to nice". She then returned to the gentleman who beats cheats and treats her like a fling. Should I start becoming more aggressive toward girls or what?

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    • hey no problem, I wish you the best of luck my dude.

    • Thank you very much.

  • Here's my counter question. Why aren't you okay with not being in relationship?

    • I'm okay with not being in a relationship I'm just trying to figure out if being nice to someone is the wrong way to attempt a relationship with someone you admire greatly.

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    • Thank you very much this is very enlightening

    • Ey no prob that's what this all is here for

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