Whats a good way to meet a girl?

I am 36, not bad looking, a little wild but very charming hy can I not meet a girl I'm so lonely


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  • Its all about putting yourself out there. I don't know how good you are socially, but just like anything else, it is a skill that you can learn about and develop. Go out. Talk to girls. Start desensitizing yourself to the word no. Each and every no you get is one closer to a yes. be yourself. Try dating apps! There are a ton of options, its just a matter of putting the effort in to give yourself the most exposure as possible. Keep your chin up, and before you know it you will find her :)

    • Thanks jess but,(there's always a but) the thing is I come across as full on and I cannot control what I send over text not dirty stuff but more of miss u and cuddles kinda shouts haha over message the girl had recently been in 🏥 getting boobs and she found out her boy was gay so I just wanted to give her real feelings as I was not wanting to jump in bed I just spend a lot of time on my own with my 🐶

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    • Thanks guys

    • It's me

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