Why do you ladies judge hard and don't give a guy a chance?

Ladies why does it matter where a guy works? Or how much money he makes? Everything now a days is all material. Why is it clingy to give attention and care and text a couple days outbtge the week
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What Girls Said 2

  • Because it shows your ambition. Most girls don’t want a guy with no ambition and no goals it just makes them seem lazy in my opinion

    • I understand that, but if a giybis struggling but he's trying it still a make or break some how

    • If he is actually trying then it is different if he has never had a job, didn’t go to collage, and doesn’t have any future career plans it’s just like umm... that’s just my opinion

  • I have never and would never judge based off of where a guy works or if he works. Its how he is as a person not what he makes

    • I appreciate the response, it be nice if other women thought that way cause in way everyone is going through a struggle. I don't think guys would care about all those things.

    • I'm with a guy who didn't have a job when we started seeing each other but has one now. The way I look at it is I don't need someone to take care of me. I need to take care of me and if they want to help they can

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