Sushi - is this too pretentious for a first date?

I met this guy recently and although we haven't had lots of time together yet, he seems nice and friendly. The only thing is that some mutual friends have told me (on different occasions) that he's kind of stuck up and a bit snobbish. I'm really laid back so they've said this as a warning. He asked me to dinner, and I accepted, then he asked if sushi at a local high-end place. I said sure...but now I'm wondering. What do you think?


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  • Sushi is a great first date! It's a lot of fun and gives you something to talk about. I don't think it's snobby. You could mention casually during your date that your more of a burger and fries girl instead of a ritsy one and see where he takes you on your second date. Odds are he's just trying to be creative and show you he's a gentleman.


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  • It's just sushi.

    Sushi's really only a big deal because it's "trendy" in America.

    And sushi places tend to be expensive because of that.

    Otherwise it's just a food-choice.


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