Can a three-way fix a relationship?

Like a relationship thats almost on the verge of breaking.
I feel like he's tired emotionally, and even bored.
Im getting lack or affection and its effecting me negatively. I caught him talking to another girl behind my back and I treated him really badly. We talked and we are seeing if we can rekindle what was lost. Im getting bored he’s getting bored. The lack of affection in my relationship is affecting me negatively. A three way was something we always talked about but never done together (i have in the past he never experienced it). part of me feels like inviting another girl in bed could rekindle that fire we once had. Im craving affection if its from him or another (i’m not going to cheat) but something has to change I can't keep living like this. I love to love. and I want to feel love.

So yeah, will a three way be a good thing to do? or will it completely screw everything up?:) any advice on how to rekindle lost flame?
I already talked to him about what we can do to rekindle our relationship and get that drive back and he doesn’t know.


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  • A 3way will not do what you want to reignite a spark. I have a couple close friends that did this one a 3some the other a swinging situation. Both said things got hotter but it was only because of the other person or persons involved and it was short lived in both situations they ended up getting divorced and in one situation the woman ended up continuing to have sex with the other guy and they ended up together. If things have lost their luster with you 2 you need to solve each other not just add another variable

    • its just my needs aren’t being met. i want to feel that passion i want to feel wanted. some of the best sex i ever had was with other women. im so bored and i know he is too or he wouldn’t have been talking to another girl the way he did.

      How do you go about rekindling something broken? I know there's hope in fixing the relationship! we once love each other and the passion between us was incredible. once we moved in with each other and had kids it just died.

    • Aside from the 3some is there any fantasies either of you have that you can communicate with each other and try it. At this point nothing should be off limits for you two. Try those things before you do the last ditch effort of introducing someone else into your bed

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  • Doubtful, if anything it’s more likely to drive a bigger wedge with all of the unknowns. If the sex is better with the third party, any jealousy that arises, if one pays more attention to the third than to their partner and a lack of respect for one another.
    Reinvigorating a relationships takes acknowledgement and effort on both parts - but if you’re both bored and thinking a third person is what’s going to bring you closer together it seems like long term with each other isn’t really going to work out

    • its just something I've been thinking about. I haven’t brought this up to him yet by telling him its what i really want and am ready for.

      It’s something we talked about doing in the beginning in our relationship because he never done it. i have with my ex multiple times and it was soo much fun.
      i want to have that fun again.

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    • maybe your right.

    • thank you for that.

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  • Three ways are not ways to fix a relationship ship. To fix a relationship you need to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with the man or woman you love

    • Thats the thing we talked.. and its just meh. he’s clueless. maybe he's just actually emotionally done and doesn’t care?
      I guess i’m craving sex but i want him to be apart of it.

    • Alright well if he is being emotionless about this it means that he is slowly giving up on your relationship and you should just break it off. If he asks why tell him he is not fulfilling your needs and you don't want a man that can't not only please you but make you happy

  • It can but it's there's a ton of things to consider. PM if you want to chat some and get advice from someone who has done it successfully.

  • Sex will never fix anything


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