How to make a good profile?

So I'm asking how to make a good Tinder profile or Badoo or any dating app because using them with my friends and comparing my experience with theirs, I never get swiped right and them every week get at least one right swipe. You can tell that because Tinder now shows if you have any right swipe pending.
Obviously you can say that this happens because I'm ugly and you might be right and it's not good for my self-esteem but I've asked here about that and no one answered me negatively.

So what makes a bad profile on Tinder or other dating apps?

Thanks in advance!


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  • 1) don't give too much info in bio or it comes across as desperate 2) 1 selfie maximum, have pictures where you're doing something like a sport, music, or a cool background 3) 3 pictures total is about ideal and don't put up any bad/questionable photos 4) figure out your best angles/get a friend to help take photos of you and look up how some poses.

    • I'm not a photo person so I only have selfies taken only to have pics on this kind of app.

      And I think I don't give to many info in my bio.

      Thanks for your answer tho!

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