Should I finally break it off?

So my girlfriend of roughly two years says she loves me and I love her too, but I feel like she might taking advantage of me... Which doesn’t exactly scream love to me...
First question: How long do women normally stay mad for? The circumstances being I apparently never listen, and “Don’t Know How To Love...”
She still stays with me, and pretty much EVERYTHING is the same, but she won’t be intimate with me anymore... Hasn’t been in damn near 2 weeks (we fuck roughly 4-5 times a week, each night counting as a time–not each session lol; if we are getting along exceptionally well we literally can’t be separated from the hips lol. So this is all pretty jarring)!! She’s been mad at me over my lack of loving her (i call bullshit by the way, really 2 years and what, I forgot?) for now 2 or so weeks, and she just recently like a few days ago returned to sleeping in bed with me. Where we now hold eachother and snug, like we always have done... But there’s no kissing, dirty talk, very pg. If my hand starts to wander, she puts an end to that shit Real Quick...
I truly love this girl, so I am and always have been willing to let her have her little tantrums and accept the meta-chastity belt from time to time, but never has it lasted this long, and never has it been accompanied by no kissing, or what seems like a lack of any promised future at least not a near one (I really hope I’m wrong tho)... But if I’m just going to be supporting her, with no love and affection being reciprocated back to me, in any form, I don’t know if I can for much longer... Furthermore, I don’t even know if this situation dictates me saying enough is enough, or if that would make me an asshole and a bad boyfriend (what she is saying is the case), or if I’m a pathetic chump for just letting her continue like this?
Side note, this is my first love, and first ever long term relationship, so I truly do not know how to react to like anything... Sorry for the long winded question.


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  • Thats a red flag there. Are you sure you never noticed this behaviour earlier in those two years? I bet very soon she will have unreasonable demands from you and seriously expect you to follow her orders. You won't be happy with her.

    • Wait, what exactly is the red flag bro? The possibility’s are endless in my
      Post as to what it could be unfortunately

    • She's nagging and bitching about dumb things. When she complains that you don't love her she indirectly tells you that you're not good enough for her. That she is something special and you should step up your game if you want to keep her.

  • ''I am and always have been willing to let her have her little tantrums and accept the meta-chastity belt from time to time''

    Translation = I let her act like a child, I put up with bullshit because she has a vagina.

    As soon as you allow anyone to treat you badly or make allowances for their bullshit you immediately send a message that you can be walked on.

    This is the same mistake men of all ages keep on making. Giving girls allowances due to love or sex. What you need to ask yourself is this simple question. Would you have any respect for a person that allowed you to treat them like crap, throw tantrums, withhold intimacy as punishment and play games?

    You've created a paradox because through your fear of losing her, you've created less attraction by becoming a door mat. It's also part of why she is acting this way.

    If you refused to put up with any of this from the start and firmly put your foot down, she'd only have 2 options, she either start acting like a girlfriend or gtfo.

    Men, stop giving women allowances just because they were born with a vagina.

    • So any advice?

    • She's either your girlfriend or not, not for 2 weeks then back to being intimate when she feels like it. It's either on and you have a proper relationship as adults, which includes discussing problems like adults, or it's off for good. So my advice to you is to create a new boundary and accept the consequences of enforcing it.

      in other words, she either shapes up or goes elsewhere.

      This part of what you wrote ''If my hand starts to wander, she puts an end to that shit Real Quick... ''

      At that point I would have asked her what she was even doing their. It seems she's using the age old withholding sex as a power trip tactic but she needs to know you will not accept any games.

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