How should I ask this girl out?

There's this girl that I met on a one month long camp I went on last year, and she seemed quite quiet but nice. I didn't really talk to her much, but I thought she was good looking but was just too shy to ask her out. Fast forward 10 months and we follow each other on Instagram, and now I feel like I need to ask her out. She seems like a nice person, but we haven't talked since last year and I don't know how to do it. Any ideas?


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  • I am not sure how shed react to If u'd ask her our now since u don't talk
    Maybe u should try to get bit closer and see how she reacts
    If she is accepting ur presence or if she feels comfy
    And then after few weeks u should def ask her out
    Good luckk

    • And how should I say hello again 😂

    • Just Talk to her when u see her and be as casual as possible
      Hey, how are u?
      Haven't talked to u in a while blablabla
      I ain't no expert but if i'd be that girl I'd respond
      Or if this is too awkward text her
      Anything face to face nowadays seems awkward
      Sad sad

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