FB messaging and texting?

So my crush and I had been FB messaging pretty much all summer and keeping in touch (we both studied abroad). When school started we said we should hang out and all.

That hasn't happened yet... long story short, miscommunication, him thinking I wasn't interested, me thinking he wasn't interested.

Anyhow, after that we continued to message on FB for maybe 2 weeks?

We recently exchanged numbers, oh and through FB messaging we said next Friday we should hang out... I gave him my numb and told me to text/call and we'll figure it out because I'm going out of town that weekend but Friday should work/

Anyways! I haven't messaged him on FB after he said "sweet, will do and here's my numb..." I figured OK that's that.

Should I stop with FB until we see how Friday goes? I don't think I'll message him back, over the summer we messaged each other like every day... and since school has started maybe a couple to a few times a week. and we're both busy students. Should I use this next week or so as a little break? Or should I keep in contact with him?


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  • Keep in touch. You two have already did the stupid (I mean this in a joking manner) no-interest misunderstanding, so don't do anything that'll give the wrong idea again! Don't be too.. uhh.. constant in your contacts, but do it every once in awhile to show that you are interested. Start the move from FB chat to texting when you two are normally unavailable (ie, out, class, etc), but still use any form of communication when you can.

    Move to calls later :p


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  • I don't see why you should not keep in touch if you have used to do it before on regular basis? I mean, you clearly like each other and looking forward to meet. If you are both busy students, one message or text out of "nowhere" can be nice distraction and power up to your busy schedule. I would say go for it.

  • If you like him stay in touch, maybe let him contact you just to see if he is interested in you...


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