A girl rejected me but still gets jealous and everytime we get closer she puts me back down what should I do?

Okay so this girl rejected me because she didn't want a relationship, but everytime a girl comments on my instagram or whatever she gets jealous while she's out there on tinder.. i'm still loyal to her and waiting for her untill she's ready. I'm in love though and I really like her a lot and she says she likes me too but just isn't ready for a relationship and everytime we get close she tells me we could better stop flirting and be friends but she's just my adiction so it's really hard.. what should I do? Just leave her be? Put her out of my life? or just wait for her until she's ready?


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  • You should move on. A girl being jealous over you does not imply that she is romantically interested. Girls can get jealous over male friends because they like to be the best friend.


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