My best friend wants to date my brother... But he is not serious and I don't want anyone to get hurt... Should I try to stop them, or let them risk?

Disclaimer : if you have anything against homosexuality, please don't be rude and hold your opinion for yourself, thanks.
So, my very best friend is a guy, and he is homosexual. I love him like a brother, and I want his best, because he always was there for me, while my own (twin) brother was over the sea. Me and my brother where very close, and when he had to leave for some personal reasons when we where about 17, it left me broken... But i met my best friend in university, and he helped me a lot. This year my brother came back, and now we live together, and I'm very happy (it's been 5 years since he left). Now... Here comes the problem, since my brother came back, my friend told me that he developed a crush on him... And this kinda threw me off because I know my friend... And he falls in love very easily, and gets hurt very easily... My brother is in fact bisexual... And he told me multiple times that he finds my friend cute/hot /atractive... And he seems to like him... But I know for a fact that my brother is not really serious and committed in relationships, back in high school he was a player, and since he came back he had a considerable number of "one night stands" and a few non monogamous relationships... I love my brother, but I also love my friend (who is a sensitive guy) and I don't want him to get hurt. They get along very well so far... My friend didn't told him anything, cuz he is pretty shy and since he came back he was always bringing girls/guys over... So he never had the occasion to catch him alone... I know that he is not happy to see him with other people... He asked me to talk with my brother... What should I do... Should I let them try, should I tell my friend to give up... I know that people can change... But I don't want things to get bad between the people I love the most...


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  • Don't stop them just tell you brother yours only prepare to risk one friendship for his happiness. If you loose a friend because of his datinghabits the t he next t one he looses y ou. Worked for my sister

    • I will... I know he is not bad intended... And is not his fault for being like that... We didn't had very good... Examples growing up... He seems to genuinely like my friend... And I think they will be a nice couple... But I know how attached, my friend gets... And how easley my brother loses his control...

    • Oh dear a bit like me.. I had good sisters to help

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