Why do guys show interest then stops?

I finally added the guy on my snapchat we were talking he was snapping me here and there at night, but argghhh it would be dead end questions like he wouldn't keep the conversation going. before that we use to talk fine have decent convos but What the hell! why do you do that? How do women spark your interest? Cuz im about to delete him lol
We have done a bit of flirting here and there.


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  • Chances are he got what he wanted. And if you didn't send nudes that's probably what he wanted.
    But on the chance he isn't just some hound he could be shy and think you dont like him. Have you told him how you feel about him?

    • Lol i never sent nudes. We were just talking when we first met like a year ago he did show interest to which i didn't cuz i wasn't ready for it, i did apologise recently about it saying if it came of jerk like i wanted to say i was sorry, although it really wasn't but, no i haven't told him i like him I'm scared, how do you tell a guy indirectly instead of saying "i like you!"

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    • Sounds so nerve wrecking getting back into the dating world. But thanks for the help truly appreciated. I'll give it a go

    • Honesty seems like such a simple solution but it is waaaaay harder to pick up the courage than it sounds. But you got this girl, I have faith in ya

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  • Sounds like a lost cause also the whole situation. All the opinions you're going to get here is nothing compared to if you asked the guy you are actually interested in.


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