Morals and student-teacher relationships?

There is a moral code about High school teachers dating their students during and after the students high school career...
do you think it's valid?

I realize as we age we gain more knowledge and sometimes we can get heady and think we know the world,

but really, is it wrong?

Should teachers be allowed to date their students that are 18+?

especially considering teachers in their 20s..

what do you think?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Definitely wrong, absolutely not an age issue, like many professions it is inappropriate for such relationships during professional engagement.
    the teacher is in a position of power and influence,
    such relationships can put both the teacher and student in compromising situations
    students can use the situation against the teacher or system,
    thats just a few of many reasons


Most Helpful Guy

  • They should be allowed, but only after the student has graduated. While the student is in school, the teacher is an authority figure to the student. Any signs of favoritism and non-professional behavior towards a student by a teacher could cost them their job, so it's best to wait until the teacher no longer has authority over the student.


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  • I think it's weird. I mean teachers are there to teach students. It's not about attraction to students... Well

  • Probably it's over hyped, girls tend to prefer older men. But there is a real ability to blackmail and abuse students


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