HELP, LONG. Old friends with benefits is being manipulated by her new boyfriend to hate me?

She's told me that he's taken her phone and blocked my number. She's unblocked my number a couple times to communicate with me. All my social media got blocked. She says that she likes him and he's only been kind/sweet to her.

My family coincidentally knows his, and he is known to manipulate his whole family. threatens to kill himself all the time n shit all the time and his brother left because of him.

I have expressed to her before that I wanted to date her and she said she wants to be friends first, then shortly after her "person she was talking to" saw me for the first time, I started being shut out, and he has officially become her boyfriend. She said she still "really really really likes me and want to keep spending time with me" the day before the other guy saw me.

I've heard that he says shit about me to her, that I can't be trusted to he alone with, that I manipulate her, that I am just a terrible person when it's really him, who is 3 years older than her/me, can't hold a job, no license, no car, no education, and has mental issues.

What should I do? I care about her and want what's best for her, but I don't want to force her to pick me if that's not what she wants.


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  • You need to step away, let him shoot him self in the foot. Let her miss you.

    • That's good advice, I've been waiting to text her again till at least Wednesday, haven't textd since last Wednesday. But she's the type that never wants to hurt anyone, even if it hurts herself. I'm afraid she'll just stick with him till HE gets bored of her because she doesn't wanna break his heart or have him threaten to kill himself.

    • It’s out of your hands now, you must let go.

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