Would you date someone who needed taxis/your transport?

So I am in a situation where I cannot have a license. I am visually impaired enough to stop me from qualifying.
But, would you date someone who can't drive themselves places? I live in a remote area where buses take a minimum of one hour to go anywhere. So I rely on taxis and my parent to drive my places. by the way, this is insanely humiliating so please be mindful with your words.
But would you date someone in this circumstance or would you not be interested?
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  • It's no problem. ^__^

    Everyone has weak points. I won't lie to you and say it's not a bad thing, I'm sure you are more aware then anyone what a pain it is.

    However, since when does a single aspect and not even a truly big one decide whether someone is worth having a relationship with or not?

    You're just worrying too much. :P

    To be blunt most of the friends and people I've known who are handicapped in some way more than overcame it by being even more remarkable than their short coming in another area, though they often don't realize it.

    So I would personally find them a bit more interesting actually and see it as an easy way to contribute and be a positive part of their life myself.

    After all driving is really easy for me so if it helps them a lot cool.

    • That was a beautiful little story. Thanks for that. It lifted my mood heaps.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Public transportation is a way better method to get around than private cars, so I'd gladly date someone who doesn't drive or own a car. But in my city you can get anywhere by a bus, so it's also an easy choice. But I don't think people choose their partner based on method if transport anyway.


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  • I can drive but I don't have a car, and most of my friends don't either. I use public transport and I don't find it embarrassing at all.

    • It's embarassing when you literally aren't legally allowed to drive. I have to ask my mother to drive me everywhere.

  • I would, but to be honest after a while (a month or two) I probably will want her to chip in for the cost of gas.

    • Oh yes of course. That's not an option. Chipping in for gas and car maintenance is a must from day one.

  • I don't know yet.


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