His ex bothers me. What to do?

Please dont judge me. Long story short; the guy that i have been dating for like almost a year now had a 3 year old relationship eith his now ex girlfriend ( who is a mutual friend ). They had a breakup, i too was in a 3 year relationship with my now ex who i have no contacts with for over a year now. Both of us broke up at around the same time. He did mention to me that he still talks to his ex but that is platonic, nothing wht we currently have. I have no girl issues, he could talk to any girl but when ex is involved, i get bothered by that. Like when we are having a whatsapp conversation, and he *sees* my message a little late, i go to the point where i see her ex is online as well and ofcourse he could possibly be replying her as well. I have told him i am not comfortable with that; to which he days he has his own way of handling things. He is yet to ask me out, ( says he needs time) never told me he loves me but we have physical/sexual relations ( no intercourse though) . We have perfect communication and we almost never fight. He makes me feel so loved and does everything that makes me fall deeper for him. I just don't feel okay with his ex still dropping around like that
P. s they don't meet up in person; just a message talk.
Am i being paranoid? I would appreciate sincere answers, thank you


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  • you are being slightly too paranoid, i can understand the stress of this though. I broke up with my ex around 8 months ago (and we did a lot of things especially sex), yet we are great friends now and still meet up regularly, and my girlfriend is alright with that as long as i notify her beforehand. you need to realise that not every breakup is a complete breakup.

    However your concern about him being unclear about your relationship is valid and you need to talk to him/bring it up somehow. an easy way would be to be in a romantic setting and just tell him "I really like you, do you want to go out with me" that line is the greatest thing most guys can hear


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  • He hasn’t asked you out but screws you when he wants, and that makes you feel so loved?
    You’re a friends with benefits at best, a side dish at worst. I’d tell him you need something more instead of his “I need time stuff”

  • I still talk to my ex. It's just a relationship. Not everything has to end in a bad situation. They must have mutually broken up. If he's a good guy don't lose him because u have a reservation with him talking to his ex. U don't have a good reason to be paranoid.


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