We aren't official, but we're more than friends?

So we were talking on the phone the other night and I decided to have the "what are we" talk. I told her that we've been talking for so long and haven't sat and discussed what we are. She talks about us dating "eventually" and her dream day involves the two of us cooking together and cuddling. Anyway, I told her that I felt like we've been in the talking phase for a very long time and that after so long it either happens or it doesn't. She relied with "I'm not going anywhere. I'm closer to you than I am anyone. I could never replace you. You're more than a friend, you're my love and I care so much for you. You didn't know any of that?". I explained that I didn't and that recently when someone asks what we are I tell them "she's my girlfriend". She said she likes that and asked jokingly
Her: you're not going to run off and get married are you?
Me: not unless it's you
Her: good answer.


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  • you are basically a couple, be happy dude


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  • Thats sounds pretty offical to me

  • Look you are a thing but maybe not a couple


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