Is it a deal breaker if the guy is physically weaker than you?

A lot of girls want someone who can help protect them if needed. Therefore, guys who have more muscle seem to be the ones who will get the job done. I am genetically skinny and not as strong as I would like to be. There’s scientific evidence that men gain muscle as a faster rate than women.
I like this guy, I am fine with him being even weaker than I am. However, I do realize that it will be harder for us to look out for each other if we are both physically weak. I don’t know if he would ever be able to help me out during a bad situation. Am I over analyzing this? Should this even be a concern? Thoughts?


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  • Actually you don't have to have more muscle. With proper footwork and speed you can generate equal or more strength then someone bigger then you by utilizing your entire body in conjunction with speed and momentum. Something anyone in martial arts or fighting knows.

    If your a trained fighter you don't need to be bigger, I'm not that big myself and I've fought and beaten people bigger and stronger then myself.

    With my current strength I could strike a precise and powerful blow to the auxiliary nerve in the armpit to disable the entire body. This causes a topic discharge, the uncontrolled firing of electrical signals receptors in the brain are overloaded. Causing immense pain as the circuit overloads, disruptive signals race to the limbs, calcium and potassium plus floods the body in a storm of electrical charges and the entire system shuts down. Thus causing the entire body to go limp and be unable to move in anyway.

    In short by hitting hitting a nerve cluster in the armpit at the right angel and with enough force I can basically not only cause someone immense physical pain but I would completely paralyze their entire body.

    Using that same method I could also stop someones heart by hitting with enough force at the right angle above the heart which would cause it to stop beating.

    The human leg can generate over 1,500 pounds of force a person of average strength would be able to hit with at least a 100 pounds of force. I myself again with only average strength could easily cause internal bleeding and break several ribs with the right kick.

    Even with average strength someone can still target the vital spots on the human body, the face and head alone hold about 20-30 vital and vulnerable areas. Including but not limited to the side of the head in between the eye and ear, the back of the heat, the eyes, the nose, the throat.

    Pure muscle will intimidate but still loose to someone better trained. A trained fighter can actually protect and fight agaisnt someone of equal strength but someone also bigger then themselves.

    But none of that matters if the man in question doesn't have the will to actually hurt someone.

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    • @Benedek38

      I'll help with that.

      Traditional Goju Ryu: Balance, open handed soft and closed handed, offensive and defensive.

      Traditional Kyokushin: Best Offense, conditioning, endurance, power.

      Niten Ichi Ryu: Best practical sword style

      Eskrima: Best Improvised weaponry and knives.

      Traditional Boxing/Rough and Tumble: Best punches, brutality

      Judo: Good ground game.

      Traditional Karate: Techniques and stances from various styles not present in the above two styles.

      JuJutsu: Good ground game and disarms, not available in Judo.

      MCMAP: Bayonets, firearms, grabs, holds, etc.

      Muay Thai: Best elbows, knee's and lower body strikes, conditioning.

      Taekwondo: Best kicks.

      I took the best and most effective things from each style and tossed away what was useless.

      There is no overlap because I only prioritized learning what each style did best and prioritized.

      As for time like I said I've been training in martial arts for about 13, 14 years.

    • I also spend 15 minutes straight when I get up doing a blood circulation routine, after that an 1 hour of intense stretching, later conditioning, weight lifting and the actual martial arts training.

      And because of the nature of my job I can actually do this when I am at work. So long as I don't have any appointments.

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  • No, I actually prefer to be stronger than him ;)

    • Thank you for MHO

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  • its 2018, violence is rarely an issue and if you think he should train jsut tell him. all will be fine

    • violence is always going to be an issue right? Also If I mention it then he will think that I don’t appreciate him for how he is.

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    • did it work

    • hell yea, she loved it and i feel great now that i still have it maintained and we can enjoy each other like this. but then again i have always been confident and outstanding (6 foot 6 and a powerlifter) so my change wasn't as hard as your boyfriends

  • Physical strength is secondary to the will to inflict harm. Just be extra crazy 😜

  • Not really. I don't need physical protection

  • Depending on where you live, a gun might be used anyway. Attackers have guns, so you should invest in a gun instead, then go to the shooting gallery to train.


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