I like him but does he like me too?

During my Summer Camp last year I met a guy and I had a small crush on him since he is quite attractive, but several days after the camping I forgot about him already since I also have complicated feelings to someone during that time.
But when I went to this year's Summer Camp, I remembered him and I felt that my crush on him was back. I always smile whenever I saw him. I am happy just by looking at him from a distance or just by having a chance to be near him. But since I am a shy girl, I kept all my feelings inside. You can imagine me being crazy girl inside but when you look at me outside you can say that I am just normal. So after that I wasn't expecting that time when he first initiated the conversation. It was just a quick talk but it gives me mixed feelings inside. I thought it will be the last time that he'll talk to me but to my surprise he talked to me again and again and again. And all of those conversation, he's the one who always start and talk first. I don't know if my radar or senses is right but I can feel something. I don't want to assume but I can feel it. His actions is very confusing.
The first conversation we had is when he joked me, the second is when he asked me if I'm comfortable or okay. The next is when we are in a store and I was choosing some clothes to buy he also came near me and choose. He made me laugh that time when he choose a Mickey Mouse patterned Boxer. The next is when he teased me. Then next is when I was on the door and he'll enter the cottage he asked for a high five. Next is when I entered the cottage and I saw him spraying perfume, he asked me if the perfume smells good. Then next is when he asked for a high five again. And on the last night of Camping I saw him on the corner he quickly stand up after hearing someone teasing me if I can have a sweet dance with someone but after decline it he slowly went back. Then now, after several days, I was shocked to see his friend request on my facebook.

(Sorry for the wrong grammar)


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