Why is it hard for a shy guy to get a relationship?

I'm a shy (maybe insecure) guy I make girls laugh a lot though but everytime I get more intimate I get pushed away they always tell me i'm more of a brother or a friend (yup the friend zone and the brother zone) and when I ask them about my past with woman I tell them this and they say they won't friend zone me but end up doing it.. it's not that I don't have the balls to kiss a girl, sleep with her or to tell her what I feel so yeah is it just me? my personality they come to see when they get to know me better? Or is it something else I do wrong? I don't wanna pretend to be someone i'm not..


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  • Shy people may have more difficulties getting into a relationship for many reasons. The main one is that they can lack confidence, and their insecurities with themselves can be more evident. Also, it can be hard for a shy person to put themselves on the line and approach someone they fancy or tell them that they like them. These, however, don't seem to be your problems. I am not too sure why you are constantly being seen in a non-romantic light, it may just be that they don't see you as being compatible for them (sexually or emotionally), or not being who they expect in their mind. I have several guy friends that I love but wouldn't want to ruin a great friendship by turning it into a more involved relationship, so that could be what is happening.
    You sound like a great guy, don't lose hope, I'm sure a great relationship is just around the corner for you so keep trying. :)

    • That's really sweet thank you 😊

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