Would you continue to date if his teeth wern't that great?

I've been chatting to a guy for a week, we instantly clicked. We went on our first date yesterday and our personalities and values were lining up well and we were getting along famously.

Attraction wise I'm only slightly attracted to his looks however there is a small attraction none the less on a physical aspect.

I did notice that some of his bottom teeth were not in the best shape and it kind of turned me off a little. Am I being shallow here? Would you continue to date someone that didn't have good teeth? Or is that a dealbreaker for you?
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Just to clarify, his teeth are not decayed or yellow or full of tartar buildup, there are 3 teeth at the bottom which are uneven, kind of crooked but the rest of his teeth were good and clean.


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  • It's unclear what you're asking for votes towards, so i voted "yes" indicating that yes it's shallow.

    • Would you continue to date if his teeth wern't that great?

    • My ex had worse teeth. Didn't phase me in the slightest - although i like women with certain unique physical charm. I don't like "generic/perfect hot girls" because they're a dime a dozen, especially with makeup

Most Helpful Girl

  • Bad teeth, is a turn off. Okay teeth is fine, but that’s different from bad teeth. I wouldn’t.

    • How would you describe bad teeth as opposed to okay teeth?

    • Bad teeth: very crooked. Misaligned everywhere. There’s nothing straight. Bad teeth could also be straight, but abnormally small, or abnormally big. Buck teeth id also consider bad teeth.

      Okay teeth: average/about average size. A few misalignments.

      Good teeth: straight, with a nice size. Usually can’t achieve this without braces. My mom has a set of beautiful teeth, without using braces or any treatment in her life.

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  • My teeth are not that great and there is a small gap.

    And yes, I've had braces. I wore them for a long time. There was no point since they broke off every other week.

    I would by very hypocritical if I would say it's a turn off or not continue to date. Holding to the same standards, that person ought not to date me.

  • damn... and people say men are shallow. A lot of people have less than perfect bottom teeth, it shouldn't be a dealbreaker, weight would be a dealbreaker

  • IAM missing teeth due to meds and I say who cares it's the heart that matters

  • Nope I couldn’t

  • I wouldn't date

  • Crooked bottom teeth, seriously? Get a grip unless you secretly want to be single!

    • Obviously you think I'm being too harsh then?

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    • It seems like an odd thing to get fixated on when you otherwise seem upbeat about it. Like maybe you don’t really want something to work out.

    • I would like something to work out but I just couldn't help but notice his teeth that's all

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